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Wellness Day Spa Retreats

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Relax Wellness Day Spa Retreat

160 MINUTES  $350

Begin with gentle yoga and meditation  (optional) before a full body polish, your hands and feet are wrapped in a delicious keratin infused warm mask, warm oils are massaged into your body then you are cocooned to gently warm the body enhancing the elimination process.  


Next your face neck and shoulders are treated with a deep skin treatment, pressure point, lymphatic drainage and massage to tone and firm the muscles of the face releasing any deep tension.  Lastly you receive a warm oil head and scalp massage. Oshibouri towels are used

Your treatment finishes with a warm tea, cool water.

Please note all treatments can be changed to suit your preference.

  • body exfoliation

  • body massage

  • skin treatment

  • body wrap

  • yoga, meditation (optional)

  • hot oil scalp massage

Revive Wellness Day Spa Retreat

120 MINUTES $265

Begin with a gentle heart opening breathing exercise to bring you into a deep quiet place of relaxation.  Full body polish and massage with warm oil before you a cocooned to gently warm the body.    A skin treatment to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin before soothing massage to release any tension in the face, neck and shoulders.  Hot oshibouri towels are used.

  • yoga & meditation

  • body exfoliation

  • skin treatment 

  • body wrap 

  • body massage

If you feel like you need a little something more add any of the following 30 minute treat's on to your retreat OR you can design your own Spa Ritual.

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • massage

  • lunch

  • morning tea

  • body polish

  • face, head, neck, shoulder arm massage

  • meditation

  • yoga

Wellness Body Retreat

Body treatments are essentially a facial for the body.  Soften and smooth the skin all over the body while relaxing and addressing any tension in the muscles.  You will be left feeling uplifted and nourished.

60 mins of Peace 

60 Minutes $165

  • body exfoliant

  • body massage

  • body wrap

 90 mins of Peace 

90 Minutes $185

  • body exfoliant

  • body massage

  • body wrap

Mini Wellness Day Spa Retreats

60 minute offerings $155
  1. Mini skin treatment & Spa foot soak & reflexology massage

  2. Mini skin treatment & warm oil holistic face, head, neck & shoulder massage.

  3. Spa foot soak & reflexology massage & back, neck & shoulder massage

  4. Back, neck & shoulder massage, pressure point facial massage.

90 minute offerings $180
  1. Deluxe Pedicure, back, neck & shoulder massage, complete eyes

  2. Mini Skin treatment & Back Neck & Shoulder Massage, Foot soak & reflexology massage

  3. Mini skin treatment & warm oil holistic face, head, neck & shoulder massage, foot reflexology foot soak and massage.

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