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Bella Vi Mineral Make Up

"Love Your Reflection"

Bella Vi - the natural foundation specialists

Certified organic, Naturalceutical Cosmetics, Natural Mineral makeup, caring for your skin, Dermatologically tested, Cruelty free.

Bella Vi has a total makeup solution for all skin types and skin issues.

Bella Vi foundations have been specially formulated for Australasian skin-tones.

The best testimony to any make up range is the feed back you receive from those using it or your own personal experiences this is what we have to say.

"it is a treatment for the skin, non drying, does not stimulate oil flow or cause any skin conditions such as congestion and break out. It is very soothing to the skin"

"the moisturising primers help the foundations sit on the skin and last a lot longer and give a flawless complexion"

"you can use the one product to create different looks for all occasions, e.g a light day, casual look to even out skin or layer it to create a more solid fashion, sophisticated or evening look."

"it lasts"

"the lipsticks last and are non drying to the lips"

"The eye brow powder is a perfect natural colour"

"The bright lip sticks are lasting and give me a pop of colour on a dreary winter day, plus I can freshen them up and create a bit of fun by adding a touch of lip gloss"

These are just some of the comments I have had back from very happy customers. I highly recommend coming in to try it and see for yourself.

Have a beautiful day

Michelle x

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